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With this accessory to own TWO apple products at the same time!

The Ipod classic was end of life for a time ...Even Apply can't find its parts, while revenue of iPod decline so serious that the cut is a must.

iPhone case2_tradenews_Foresea.jpg

Claudio Gomboli , a great designer , these day designed a set protection shell of 6/6 Plus the iPhone and its concept map it’s really awesome ! There is no sense of acosmia, after the phone wear such case. It just looking like the iPod classic, isn’t .

Let t iPhone 6 or iPhone Plus become iPod Classic! Such protective cover imitate the iPod - wheel system, and simulation of the iPad Classic. At the meanwhile it with the same user interface of iPod, you can access to music, podcasts, and other content.

iPhone case3_tradenews_Foresea.jpg
iPhone case4_tradenews_Foresea.jpg

In addition, the protection shell also have multiple color for optional, compared with 6 Plus, the effect on iPhone 6 should be better. Of course, this is not a real product, at present it only concept.

PS: believe the Chinese factory will soon follow up...

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