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What Apple Watch can do while Android Wear watches can't

Apple watch have released while its price tag not everyone can accpected. Here would like share with 10 thing that Apple watch can do especially.

You can send your heartbeat to another Apple Watch wearer.

You can scroll and zoom using the Digital Crown instead of a touchscreen.

You can draw a sketch on your watch and immediately send it to another Apple Watch wearer.

You can send a vibration to another wearer's wrist.

You can add new bits of information, such as the weather, to a watch face instead of just changing it.

You can pay with your watch by simply waving your wrist over an NFC payments terminal.

You can send audio snippets as a reply to a text message.

If you buy the Apple Watch Edition, you can use its fancy box as a charger. You can view all of your apps on one home screen.

You can perform different actions by pressing hard or softly on the touch screen (i.e. a hard press may launch a menu within the music app, etc.). Apple calls this Force Touch.

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