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Oppo R7 review

Oppo isn't a household name in the west, but that probably won't be the case for much longer. Ever since the firm's inception just over a decade ago, the Chinese manufacturer has been renowned for producing high-quality, affordable consumer electronics. We foresea can offer you with Oppo phone , please feel free to let us know if you need anything information.

Originally specialising in MP3 and DVD players, Oppo recently moved into the smartphone sector, and has enjoyed booming success in mainland China.

Groundbreaking devices such as the Find 5, N1 and R5 have propelled Oppo into the global spotlight, and like many other Chinese smartphone manufacturers the brand is also beginning to gain traction in international markets.

Rather than being something totally unorthodox, the newly released Oppo R7 is more of a refined sequel to the paper-thin R5 – and isn't to be confused with the phablet variant of the R7, the R7 Plus, which was also launched during Oppo's 10th birthday celebrations in May.


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Unlike many other Chinese smartphones, the SIM-free R7 attracts no international price markup.

Although most official stores and other partner retailers are located in Asia, you can pick up a SIM-free R7 online. Oppo sells directly via both Amazon andOppostyle, and the R7 is currently available for just £250 (around $400, AU$515).

While ultimately not as powerful as beefier rivals such as the OnePlus One andHonor 6, and despite the fact that it's missing the fingerprint scanner from the R7 Plus, the Oppo R7 still packs some impressive specs.

Oppo has included a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor, an Adreno 405 GPU and a hefty 3GB of RAM – 1GB more than the R5. The front-facing shooter has received a resolution bump to 8MP, and the rear 13MP unit now derives from Samsung, rather than Sony.

'VOOC Flash Charge' technology is once again on board, enabling the R7's relatively small 2320mAh battery to charged to 75% in just half an hour. Unfortunately there's still no NFC, but Oppo has included dual-SIM 4G LTE connectivity.

Akin to the Samsung Galaxy A3, the Oppo R7's all-metal design is what sets it apart from other mid-range offerings. In terms of look and feel the R7 really does surpass all expectations for an affordable smartphone, and almost everything seems more refined than on the R5.

The capacitive navigation keys aren't backlit, but they do free up space on the R7's screen.

At first glance the front of the Oppo R7 looks extremely similar to the R5, partly thanks to the retention of Oppo's physical navigation keys below the display.

Up top things look a little less lopsided, with the improved 8MP front-facing snapper moving to the left of the central earpiece while the proximity and ambient light sensors remain on the right.

Hidden beneath the front glass is an LED notification light that's only visible when illuminated. Unfortunately, as on the Moto G (2014) it's of the white variety, so you won't be able to differentiate between notification types without firing up the display.

The bottom edge looks almost identical to that of its predecessor, with two antenna bands flanking the centrally positioned microUSB port and single microphone.

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