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LG's dual-screen V10 phone reaches AT&T and T-Mobile

When LG promised that its unique V10 smartphone would reach the US soon after its Korean launch, it wasn't kidding around. Both AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that you can order the dual screen, dual-selfie cam device this week -- October 27th and 28th, respectively. The AT&T version comes in black or opal blue, and will cost you either $250 on a two-year contract or $29 per month on a similarly lengthy installment plan. You'll get a 200GB microSD card, an extra battery and a charging cradle if you order quickly, too. The T-Mobile model doesn't come with those perks, but it's potentially cheaper at $25 per month (on a two-year payment plan) or $600 outright. Just be prepared to wait a little while if you insist on trying the V10 in-store. T-Mobile won't carry it until October 30th, and you'll be waiting until November 6th to see it at an AT&T shop.

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