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FORESEA is a key distribution company of import and export products for global suppliers and customers. Located in Hong Kong and mainland China, partnering companies in Canada and Kenya, FORESEA has achieved hundreds of millions of dollars' revenue per year with his partners and customers in Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. From IT solutions, System Integration, Data Center Installation, Government Projects, Banking System, to United Nation Projects, Logistics Service, Local Support and Maintenance, FORESEA has never stopped giving his best support to his suppliers and customers worldwide and achieve WIN-WIN. With his advantage in both mainland China & Hong Kong SAR, FORESEA managed to lead the best sources and quality to meet the world trade standard under the strict and tough standards.


Why FORESEA do this


There is one belief that FORESEA grows because his partners grow. So, different from other international suppliers, the company is extremely customer-oriented and always considers Win-win solution for every single buyer. This is determined by founders’ background. All of them worked in worldwide famous companies and served global end-users as well as channels for years.


What FORESEA can do for you


FORESEA specialized in the distribution of all the major and peripherals brands (Acer, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Lexmark, 3M, 3Com, Symantec, Linksys, sapphire, Seagate, NetApp, Citrix, VMware, Lenovo, FG Wilson, Fujitsu, Philips, SONY, IBM, …).

wholesale trade business for IT products, hardware, auto parts, machinery, medical device and general trade in Africa and Middle East

“We treat all partners as friends, being honest, being no overcommitment and always heading to win-win solution. This factor determines founders’ friendship, leads to the establishment of FORESEA and most importantly, lasts ever joy of making friends from all over the world. ”

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