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"In FORESEA, I can always find the right product and service in and out of China." - Mr. Mohammed Shams from Angola commented.


With over 10 years experience of global sourcing, as long as the key & solid distribution channels in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the US, and Europe, FORESEA is your best partner to perfectly support you for the following product ranges.


Moreover, we are proud of bringing these great business opportunities to all of you and inviting you to be our long term partners for multiple win-win solutions in the countries all over the world. 

IT Products

FORESEA emerged as one of the leading distributor of Computer Components in the region, distributing and selling IT Hardware from worlds leading brands. FORESEA strives on high quality, competitive pricing, faster deliveries and prompt after sales service and adapts itself to cater to different market requirements.

Auto Parts

With over 10 years Wholesale experience, direct from the manufacturer pricing, state of the art warehousing, FORESEA Auto Parts is your best choice for High Quality – High Value Auto Parts in ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our Auto Parts are well priced because we eliminate the Middleman! 


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Home Appliance

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Portable Device

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General Trade

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