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Developers can now write apps for smart Watch

Been jonesing to create your own Watch software? Been wanting to down load more software on your smartwatch? Will thing going to two different extreme suitation ? The phone may going to as big as the tablet or just going to as small as a watch? Let us keep an eye on it ...

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It's time to get cracking. Aspromised, Apple has released WatchKit, the toolbox you need to develop apps for this next-gen wristwear. The utility (tied into the iOS 8.2 beta SDK) lets you take advantage of most of what the Apple Watch can do, including pressure-aware touch, notifications and glanceable info. You won't get to publish your apps until next year, but you can start experimenting today.

Update: Not surprisingly, early adopters are learning new things about the Apple Watch through WatchKit. Steve Troughton-Smith, for example, has discovered that the two Apple Watch models use different screen resolutions; the 38mm version displays at 272 x 340, while the larger 42mm model uses 312 x 390. Also, a lot of the processing for these early apps happens on your iPhone; they're just projecting an interface to your wrist. You'll have to wait until sometime in 2015 for truly native titles.

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