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China's "iPhone" Has become World's Top 3 - Introduction to Xiaomi Phone

When talk about Xiaomi, every people live in China will know its name and functions as "powerful, easy to use, convenient", etc. Even now in Tanzania, some trade people for IT business tend to buy Xiaomi from China, commented this product is hot sale in their markets. Here we'd like to introduce to you a micracle of China's smartphone business. Please read more for the news.


Xiaomi, which was recently named the biggest smartphone maker in China for Q2 2014, recently launched its latest flagship — the $320 Mi4.

The phone is less than a month old, but it already seems to be generating buzz among some tech bloggers who managed to get their hands on it.

The Mi4 comes with hardware that is impressive enough to go head to head with the likes of Apple and Samsung. It has a full HD 1080p 5-inch screen and a powerful processor on the inside.

Xiaomi's phones are available only in China and a few other emerging markets, but the company's brand is already incredibly popular in that region. In fact, recent statistics from Canalys show that Xiaomi is a bigger player in China's smartphone market than both Samsung and Apple.

So it's no surprise that early impressions of the Mi4 seem to be generally positive. Tech blog PocketNow recently compared the Mi4 to LG's G3, which also launched earlier this summer. During the comparison, the Mi4 earned points for its elegant, premium design that echoes that of Apple's iPhone.


In the video, PocketNow's Taylor Martin calls the Mi4's build quality "astounding" and also praised the phone's screen for its vibrant colors and extremely slim side bezels.

Mobile Geeks/YouTube

Xiaomi uses plastic for the phone's rear shell, but its polished aluminum edges make it look premium. The general design language is very similar to that of the iPhone — there is no physical home button below the screen, but the phone's shape and speaker placement resemble that of Apple's smartphone.

Mobile Geeks

Another tech blog, Mobile Geeks, called the Mi4's screen one of the best it has seen, praising the touchscreen for its responsiveness.

Reviews are still sparse, though, because the phone is available only in limited markets, but critics seem to be impressed with the phone so far.

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