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JBL Soundfly AP AirPlay Plug-In Speaker 2014 year-end promo

JBL is a professional brand for Home Audio Products,Personal Audio Products and Car Audio Products. Currently we have promotion for such product as below. If you need more modle or informatin, kindly please press the right side 'get price' button...


1. AirPlay has far better range than BT because it uses your WiFi network. As long as you have a WiFi signal you can place the Soundfly AirPlay wherever you want. BT is limited to 30 feet at the very most and realistically through walls probably about 20 feet

2. Because AirPlay uses a WiFi network, the sound quality is superior to the BT model. AirPlay’s standard is full CD quality while BT standard is a lower resolution due to bandwidth restrictions

3. AirPlay allows the use of up to 5 of these, as I mentioned, for truly a whole house system. (Again, like a poor man’s Sonos system). With the Apple remote app you can control each speaker individually to adjust the volumes independently

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