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All-in-One Desktop PC with Touchscreen brand in HP/ Toshiba

Are you planning to buy tower PC or laptop? But why not consider about an all-in-one (AIO) desktop? For the same amount you would spend on a 17-inch laptop that weighs more than 10 pounds, you can get an AIO desktop PC, with a 23-inch-or-larger screen. AIO also have a better Windows 8 touch experience on an AIO system, since some smaller models can be used like huge tablets.

Here's some AIO desktop PC brand in HP/ Dell/ Toshiba for your choose:

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HP Pavilion Touch Smart All-in-One Desktop PC

HP_All-in-One Desktop2_promotion_Foresea.jpg


HP Pavilion 21 Touch smartAll-in-One AMD A4-5000 1.5GHz,4GB,500GB,DVDRW,AMD Graphics,802.11b/g/n,BT,21",W8.1,Touchscreen


HP Pavilion 23 All-in-One i3-4130T 2.90GHz, 4GB, 500GB, Webcam, INTEL HD GRAPHICS, DVDRW, 23" , FHD (1920x1080), W8.1, Touchscreen

Toshiba TouchScreen LX830 All-in-One Desktop PC



Toshiba LX830-01Q All-in-One i5-3230M 2.6GHz, 6GB, 1TB, DVDRW, Intel HD Graphics, BT, 23" , HD, W8, Touchscreen, French, English Keyboard


TOSHIBA LX830-01F All-in-One PC i5-3230M 2.60GHz, 8GB, 1TB, DVDRW, GT 630 W/2GB, BT, 23" , W8, Silver, Touchscreen

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