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CES 2015 3D Printing Development Trend

We well know that 3D printer actually printing something in person. It was 3D Printing Day at CEA and we made a 3D-printed bracelet (which is still displayed proudly on my desk).

3D Systems Cube Printer_promotion_foresea.png

However, 3D printing is no longer just for making toys and novelties – the applications the industry has taken on in the past few years is more than we could have imagined when this technology first appeared in the tech industry.

From medical innovations to custom manufacturing, it is really only the beginning for 3D printing. Before we see the next wave of innovation at #CES2015, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights for 3D printing in 2014

3D Printing Infiltrates Cosmetics, Housing and More

Earlier this year, Harvard Business School student Grace Choi developed a way to print any color makeup you could dream of using a 3D printer. Check out the CEA Blog to see this in action.

Companies like Contour Crafting are exploring ways that 3D printing can be used to build housing for a low cost. Not to mention, they can do this with their technology in under 24-hours!

3D printing allows for customization in almost everything – including wedding rings, shows, jewelry and smartphone cases.

Bringing 3D Printing Home

According to CEA market research, 3D printers will bring in $76 million in total revenue in the United States – that’s a 44 percent increase from last year. CEA predicts that these devices will see double-digit growth in U.S. shipments through 2018.

Of those who already do own 3D printers, 76 percent are using their printers daily or several times a week.

3D printers are becoming more affordable for consumers to purchase. However, you can still get access to a printer even if you don’t own one. Many libraries are now developing “makerspaces” – areas with tools including 3d printers, laser cutters, sewing machines and more.

The 3D printing footprint at the 2015 International CES has doubled from 2014. The 3D Printing Marketplace will show off the latest advancements in 3D printing technology.

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