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Sony's New TV The World's Thinnest TV

Seagate create "the world's most thin" Seven mobile hard disk. Today Sony has announced its thinnest TV ever. The new ultra slim 4K TV named the Sony Bravia X900C measures just 4.9 millimeters thick — that's the same thickness as the world's thinnest smartphone, the Oppo R5. while has not yet revealed the price of the TV, it’s safe to assume this top of the line product will come with a hefty price tag. Read more as below.

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Despite its narrow frame, Sony says its television boasts sharper contrast, clearer blues and greens, and a more vivid picture than its 4K competitors.

“8 million pixels work to show off a super-detailed picture, which is four times the resolution of the 1080p HDTV you've been watching for the past half-decade or more,” Jennifer Jolly at USA Today reports.

Finding 4K content to watch, however, could prove challenging. The majority of programming is currently not produced in such a high resolution.

Sony is confident consumers will find things to watch by the time the TV launches later this spring though, and notes that by that time, there will be over 1,400 titles to watch in full 4K resolution.

Sony did not specify where those 1,400 titles would be available — and whether those were movies, TV shows, or video clips — but there's already a ton of 4K content available on YouTube, for instance, as 4K video cameras become more readily available.

The set runs on Google's Android TV operating system, which was announced in 2014. The system allows the television to take advantage of smartphone capabilities such as voice search, music, photos, movies, games, and apps.

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