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Do You Want Own ASUS ZenWatch Smartwatch

Asus famouts for its computer, for this CES2015 its first samartwhat really worth owning. Let us see more as below.


ASUS isn't quite as prominent as other names on that list, but that just makes its $200 ZenWatch all the more interesting The Taiwanese company -- probably best known for its quirky phone-tablet hybrids -- has put together an inaugural smartwatch that's dripping with style. In fact, it's the first smartwatch I've worn that's ever attracted random compliments from passersby (in two countries, no less), not to mention the first one that didn't make me feel like a complete nerd while wearing it.


Handsome, understated design

Feels good on your wrist

Inexpensive compared to competing models


Mediocre battery life

Clasp can get in the way of clothes

Heart rate monitor isn't always reliable


ASUS's first Android Wear watch is one of the most stylish we've seen, and feels great on the wrist, to boot. Unfortunately, it suffers from mediocre battery life, an erratic heart monitor and an unsightly bezel surrounding the screen. In the end, though, the ZenWatch's balance of looks, performance and relatively low price make it a worthy choice for anyone who wants an Android Wear device and doesn't want to wait for all those second-gen models to come out.

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