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2015,Now Is a Good Year to Buy a TV

If you’ve been waiting to buy a new TV, 2015 may be the year you can actually justify it. As for We Forease will keeping offer you with our TV promotion brand in Samsung , LG, Sony, Sharp...

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At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where TV manufacturers unveil their plans each year, I’m seeing fewer gimmicks like 3-D glasses and bendable screens. None of that made sense to people with aging but still perfectly fine TVs.

Instead, Samsung , LG, Sony, Sharp and other big names are working on more noticeable improvements in picture quality and user experience—without breaking the bank.

Many manufacturers are adopting a technology awesomely named “quantum dot” that can make the colors on an LCD screen bolder and brighter, closer to what you see in a theater. Screens that display much sharper images with quadruple the pixels, known as 4K, will be much more common this year, available in sets as cheap as $750.

And many of the biggest TV makers have announced plans to press reset on their clunky user interfaces, that mishmash of crazy remote controls, input selectors and Internet streaming apps that have made watching TV get more frustrating as our options multiply. The new systems promise to peel back the complexity with a look borrowed from phone apps. More and more are adopting interfaces developed by companies more adept at software, such as Google GOOGL , Roku and Firefox.

I’ve not yet seen any TV tech that promises a whole new entertainment experience, or any that will finally crack the problem of making your TV work better with all the other tech in your life. But there’s no doubt you can get a much better TV this year without paying a huge early-adopter premium. Think of 2015 TVs like this: It’s the year it wouldn’t be a mistake to buy a new one.

This year, Samsung, LG and TCL are joining Sony in selling LCD TVs with a technology called “quantum dot,” that amps up the color palette and brightness. (They all have different flavors, and names, for this tech: LG’s ColorPrime, Samsung’s SUHD, TCL’s Color IQ and Sony’s Triluminos.)

The science behind this involves a film of nanocrystals that emits different colors. The technology has been around for decades, using toxic heavy metals, but only recently have manufacturers figured out how to produce it at scale in an environmentally friendly way.

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