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The top portable audio devices you can buy


Blue's Mo-Fi over-ear headphones sport a race car-inspired design to enhance comfort, and the audio innards are tuned by a trusted pro audio outfit. There’s even a built-in amp with three modes that allows you to select the option that suits a playlist perfectly.


Sync by 50 On-Ear Wireless Sport headphones

Headphones for athletes usually involve hooks or wings. These can be good, but SMS Audio (50 Cent's answer to Beats) provides another solution -- wireless on-ear Sync. Yeah, they're a little bass-heavy, but that just helps push you through the pain barrier (and drown out your frantic panting).

Sync by 50 On-ear wireless sport_tradenews_Foresea.png

UE 900S

Ultimate Ears makes wearable monitors that have been employed nightly by touring acts for years, and the UE 900s were created in the same vein. Each quad-driver earbud boasts swappable cords and loops that can mold to your ears for fantastic audio in a comfortable package.

UE 900s_tradenews_Foresea.png

Grado GS1000e Headphones

If you want serious audio, quality build, a fine finish and can stomach the $995 price tag, inside Grado's GS1000e is where you want to be parking your ears. What does a nearly four-figure sticker price get you? Excellent audio dynamics, smooth high ends and authentic bass. Heck, with these, you can probably just about make out the sound of wind brushing against the guitarist's stubble.

Pump HD Sportsbuds

BlueAnt's Pump HDs are more than just sweatproof, they're IP67 waterproof-rated (making them good for up to 30 minutes under a meter of water). Plus, these hook-based in-ears can be tightened around your head for the snuggest fit around.

Pump HD Sportsbuds.png

iAudio E3 16GB MP3 Player

Let's face it: There are still situations where a dedicated MP3 player trumps a smartphone, and that's where the iAudio E3 comes into play. It's incredibly light, well-built and its 16GB of storage will see you through a short bike ride or even an ultramarathon.

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