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Motorola Moto Hint Wireless Earbud Headset (DarkFabric)

Designed for use with most Bluetooth-enabled phones, tablets and computers

To make and receive calls wirelessly from up to 150' away from your device.

In-ear sensors

Automatically turn the earbud on when you place it in your ear and off when you remove it.

Up to 10 hours of talk time

For extended use.

Built-in wind and noise canceling technology

Provides high-quality audio in windy or noisy conditions.

Product Description

Color: Dark

Discreet, stylish wireless headset that is the perfect companion to your smartphone and helps you get the most out of your phone without even touching it.

Moto Hint is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone so you can get hands-free calling with up to 150 feet of roam range.

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