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Samsung delays its next-gen home automation devices

It'll take a while longer to see how Samsung's acquisition has improved SmartThings' Hub and sensors. The company was supposed to release its next-gen home automation devices this April, but now it's pushing back the launch date. SmartThings isn't even 100 percent sure when it will be able to release the new devices, but it says it will "most likely [happen in] Q3" 2015. Version 2 of its Hub and sensors just aren't ready for launch yet, as the company's announcement says it's working non-stop "to get the experience to the point where it needs to be."

If you recall, the new SmartThings hub promises faster performance, with the ability to run apps locally instead of in the cloud. It includes a battery backup, so some functions can work even without power, as well as more cellular data options. In addition to ensuring it can deliver on all those promises, the company says it's doing a lot of testing to get to the bottom of recent service outages. As disappointing as delays can be, it's certainly better than the alternative.

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