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LG Smartphone/G4

It might not be as technically powerful as some of LG's other recent releases, but the G4 as a package is the most compelling the company has put out yet. From the pared-down user interface to the tight integration with Google to the strong camera performance, the G4 is a great phone... not to mention a very logical step forward from last year's G3. That said, I'm concerned that LG hasn't quite figured out how to get regular people excited about its hardware. The G4 is a highly respectable technical achievement, but even after using it for a week, I still don't think it's any more thrilling than it was when we first met. If you're upgrading from an old clunker of an Android phone, the G4 will do everything you need and so much more. If, on the other hand, you're coming from a G3, the mostly modest changes here might not make you feel like you've reallygotten something new.

  • TYPE Smartphone

  • OPERATING SYST EMAndroid (Lollipop [5.0])

  • SCREEN SIZE 5.5 inches


  • CAMERA16 megapixels

  • TALK TIME 3G (up to 19.6 hours)

  • DIMENSIONS 5.86 x 3 x 0.39 in

  • RELEASED June, 2015

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