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Which portable hard drives are worth buying

With all our computers, phones and cameras, we create a lot of data. And while there are plenty of cloud-based options for storing all the information you generate, many people prefer something they can physically touch. A portable hard drive can give you plenty of control, while still making it possible to carry your data around in your bag. But which drives make it easy to transfer files to them in the first place? And which ones will survive the trips you take them on? We've taken a look at some of the better portable drives available now to find out which ones have the right stuff.

Seagate Seven

The Seagate Seven looks like it belongs on the inside of your computer, due to its utilitarian casing that hugs the 5mm drive inside so tightly that the total thickness is only 7mm. Computer Shopper says it reminds them of "Han Solo frozen in carbonite," and despite being so thin, it "feels more substantial" than rival drives housed in plastic casings. And, while PC Magnotes that its transfer speeds are "adequate, but not very fast," CNET says you'll probably still "want it for the cool design alone."

Seagate Backup Plus Fast

The Backup Plus Fast is a portable drive for those who need something big, but still fast for their files. The largest one has 4TB of storage spread between two internal drives that delivered "zippy write speeds and average read speeds" for Computer Shopper, which may not match up to SSD speeds, but still serve up "as much speed as you can squeeze out of platters." Sure, if one of the drives fails, it's not user replaceable, but StorageReview notes this sort of setup is not uncommon for portable drives. Besides, you can at least take comfort in its three-year warranty.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra/My Passport Slim

The My Passport Ultra and My Passport Slim are siblings that share a lot of traits, but each offers a little something special to distinguish it from the other. The My Passport Ultra is billed as the faster of the two drives, with speeds "almost twice as fast as any other portable USB 3.0 disk" Expert Reviews has ever seen. And the My Passport Slim has a sturdy aluminum exterior that TechRadar says is "light and easy to carry." However, the Slim also offers decent "top tier" speeds according to Let's Talk Tech, and Computer Shopper says the solid construction means it will "hold up to the rigors of travel" more than the plastic-encased Ultra. So the My Passport Slim does appear to be a slightly better buy... if you're willing to fork over a little more dough.

Seagate Wireless Plus/LaCie Fuel

The Wireless Plus might be wire-free in every way, from its WiFi capabilities to its built-in battery, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice performance for convenience.Computerworld got "respectable" transfer speeds out of it, and as a media server, Wiredsays playback was "flawless and basically buffer-free." Laptop Magazine got almost four hours out of the drive's battery, meaning you can squeeze in two movies or a few episodes of your favorite drama before having to plug it in. If you want something a little more rugged, the Fuel from Seagate-owned LaCie is the same drive in a tougher package that you should feel comfortable throwing in your bag.

Western Digital My Passport Pro

The My Passport Pro is a serious drive for serious users, offering 2TB or 4TB of storage that can be configured for RAID 0 or RAID 1 using the included WD Drive utility. This offers more advanced users a bit more flexibility, although PC Mag notes you "don't necessarily have to use it if you're simply storing data." Regardless of how you configure it, TechRadarsays it offers "double the data-transfer speed compared to a single-drive device." This is thanks, in part, to its Thunderbolt connection, which is your only option for connecting to the Pro due to its lack of a USB port.

LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt

If you're looking for a Thunderbolt drive you can take anywhere, the Rugged Thunderbolthas you covered. Its design is utilitarian and even a little flashy thanks to the bright orange bumper that surrounds it. That rubber bumper not only offers "a certain amount of bounce" that TweakTown says helps with impact protection, but also packs in a built-in cable so you'll never be caught without a cord. And withPC Mag reporting "blistering throughput numbers," you'll want to plug it in and use it all the time.

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