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Xiaomi confirms its Li Ning-designed smart trainers

Xiaomi's smart trainers, designed by Sportswear brand Li Ning, will soon be available boasting a $32 price tag but will only be in China for now.

Bluetooth chips sit inside small cutouts in the heel and send information to Xiaomi's existing Mi Fit app. Military-grade sensors will measure steps and calories burned, with more tracking information likely to be added in an app update.

'The newly designed Li Ning Smart shoes are the equivalent of $65, and the ones based on the current model are even less, coming in at just $32'

The shoes will work in conjunction with the Mi scales and Mi Band, all three providing the app with data to give a more complete picture of your health at a reasonable price. The Xiaomi Mi Band, while a tad temperamental, proved pretty good for $15 and we expect the Li Ning Shoes will off similar bang for buck.

While the $65 pair will be released on 20 July, the cheaper will be released shortly after at an unspecified date. Both trainers will be available from the Li Ning stores only, and not from Xiaomi's website. There's been no word on plans to sell them internationally.

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