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Moto G review (2015): Motorola may win the 'best cheap phone' crown

Motorola is on a mission. For the last two years, it's been trying to suss out the finest blend of silicon and style it could get away with selling for just $180. And for the last two years the company has had winners on its hands -- can you say "best-selling smartphone in Motorola history"? That level of success makes crafting a second Moto G sequel even trickier: Can Motorola keep its winning streak alive? Have people come to expect more out of a cheap phone than what the company can provide? It's true that this year's model doesn't stray far from the formula we've already seen, but make no mistake: The 2015 edition is still the best deal you'll find on a good Android phone.


  • Fast, fluid performance

  • Camera is a big leap over last year's model

  • Finally has US LTE support

  • That price!


  • Camera is weak in low light

  • Notification light is gone

  • Base model only has 1GB of RAM


Oh, how far we've come. Smartphone makers are really trying to nail the "high-quality, low-cost" formula this year, and they're working up ways to sell straight to consumers too. Even with all that new competition, the Motorola Moto G's blend of performance, clean software and a mostly solid camera make it the best bang for your Android buying buck... for now, anyway.

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