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RealSense Project Tango phone want your phone to see in 3D

Intel's RealSense camera tech can sense and scan three-dimensional objects, while Google'sProject Tango sensors are adept at motion tracking and 3D-mapping. It just makes sense for the two to come together, which is exactly what was announced today at Intel's Developer Forum. The two have developed a smartphone and software kit that integrates both RealSense and Project Tango technologies, as can be seen in the hardware prototype seen here. While this handset is strictly for developers at the moment, it offers a pretty good early look at what could potentially be in consumer phones later on.

At first glance, the RealSense and Tango collaboration looks like a pretty normal smartphone. It has a 6-inch QHD display and is a little on the hefty side at 8.2mm thick and weighing in at 165 grams. The version that I looked at was running Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, and I was told that it has an Intel Atom X5 processor inside. Flip it over however, and you get to see the physical manifestation of the Intel and Google marriage. There's an array of sensors and cameras here that includes Intel's RealSense R200 camera with a fish-eye lens and an 8-megapixel sensor. It also has a couple of RGB cameras, IR cameras that offer "stereoscopic matching" and a laser emitter to give texture to scanned objects.

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