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Toshiba's retooled Chromebook 2 arrives in October

Toshiba has announced an upgraded version of its Chromebook 2, which is scheduled to ship next month. Compared to last year's, the company's new Chrome OS laptop will be available with 5th-generation (Broadwell) Intel Core i3 or Celeron processors -- both are geared toward performance, so you can expect this machine to be much snappier than its predecessor. Additionally, the refreshed Chromebook 2 features a backlit LED keyboard for the first time. What does carry over from the previous model is that great 13.3-inch, 1080p IPS display, an HD webcam, two USB ports (3.0, 2.0) and the option to add up to 4GB of RAM. Battery life rating, meanwhile, continues to be about nine hours, but hopefully those fresh processors will make Toshiba's Chromebook 2 last longer than before. It'll be available in October for $330 and $430 for the Celeron and Core i3 models, respectively.

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