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Apple's iPad Pro goes on sale on November 11th

Two months ago, Apple announced the impending arrival of its iPad Pro, but wouldn't be drawn on when we could actually buy it. After some pushing, a mumbled hint of November was coaxed out of reps, and rumors began to circulate that the device would ship on November 11th. Now the company has confirmed that the rumors were true, and so the first-generation iPad Pro is ready for the big stage as of this Wednesday. For the first 24 hours or so, the device will be an online-only affair, with product reaching stores "later in the week," which is a euphemism for Apple not knowing if the delivery van will arrive on Thursday or Friday.

This isn't just a US-only launch, but a global affair with nearly 50 countries all getting a shot at the 12.9-inch slate, including Canada, most of Europe and China. In addition to the device itself, users will also be able to plonk down cash for the accessories, the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, which retail for $99 and $169, respectively. The iPad Pro itself will set you back $799 (£679) for the base-model 32GB WiFi offering, while $1,079 (£899) will get you the WiFi/Cellular unit with 128GB storage.

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